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How China's COVID Lockdowns Affect the Global Economy

What does China’s economic slowdown mean for the world? UC San Diego's Victor Shih joins Deep Dish to discuss.
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About the Episode

China’s latest economic data show the lowest GDP growth expectation in 30 years, rising unemployment, and slowing industrial production in part due to strict COVID-19 lockdowns. Economics expert Victor Shih joins Deep Dish to explain how inflation and the war in Ukraine will exacerbate this decline, what it means for the Chinese Communist Party and Xi Jinping’s leadership, and whether Xi’s demand for China to match the United States’ growth in 2022 is possible.  

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About the Experts
Associate Professor; Ho Miu Lam Chair in China and Pacific Relations, UC San Diego
Victor Shih is an expert on the politics of Chinese banking policies, fiscal policies, and exchange rate, as well as the elite politics of China. He was the first analyst to identify the risk of massive local government debt, and is author of the upcoming book "Coalitions of the Weak".
Brian Hanson
Former Vice President, Studies
Brian Hanson headshot
Brian Hanson served as the vice president of studies at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He managed the Council's research operations and hosted the Council's weekly podcast, Deep Dish on Global Affairs.
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