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Member asking a question at an event

This page is a resource for current members. Interested in becoming a member? Learn More.

Membership FAQs

Below are answers to frequently asked questions. The membership team also is available Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. CT, via email or phone +1 (312) 256-8559.

  • Do I have to log in to access my membership?  
    No, you do not need to log in to access your membership. We know who you are based on the unique email address that is associated with your membership contribution. There’s no need for you to remember other usernames or passwords currently.
  • Do I have a member ID number or card? 
    No, the Council does not use member ID numbers or cards. We know who you are based on your email address associated with your membership contribution.
  • What is my membership level?
    Your membership level should be listed on your donation receipt and is listed when you register for programs. See more details on member levels and benefits. If you have questions about your current level, please contact the membership team.
  • Does my membership cover just me or does my partner have to join separately?
    Starting at the Sponsor level ($250), your membership covers two people. This can be your spouse or partner, or perhaps a colleague at your office. Your partner can engage with the Council just as you do. Please make sure their email address is tied to your membership. For help doing this, enter in this information when you join or renew online or contact the membership team.
  • I just joined for the first time. How long will it be before I can take advantage of my membership benefits?
    Membership contributions made online typically take two hours to process. Contributions made over the phone or by mail may take a few days to process. Not sure if your membership is active? Contact the membership team.
  • How do I become part of the YP Network? 
    Council members under the age of 45 can participate in our Young Professionals (YP) Network. Not yet a member and want to learn more about the YP network? Contact the YP network team.

  • How do I qualify for a Student membership? 
    The Student membership is reserved for full-time, degree-seeking students, 18 years or older. School enrollment must be verified when signing up either in person or over the phone.
  • My company is a corporate partner of the Council, how do I access my benefits?
    Please contact us to learn more.
  • Is my membership contribution tax-deductible?
    Yes, membership contributions to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs provide critical financial support that enables the Council to fulfill its mission. The Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (tax ID number 36-2181969) and all contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Can I pay my membership contributions in installments?
    Yes, we are pleased to offer monthly and quarterly payments for gifts, with a $10 per-month minimum. You can select this option when donating online or when mailing in your contribution.
  • How do I purchase a gift membership for someone else?
    Please call our membership team at +1 (312) 256-8559 to process the gifted membership.
  • How do I access my contribution history?
    At this time, there is not an online portal for you to review your contribution history. If you have any questions about your past contributions, please contact the membership team.
  • Can I make a donation if I do not live in the United States?
    Email the membership team for assistance in making a donation.  
  • Can I make a membership contribution by stock transfer, through my donor advised fund or IRA rollover? 
    YES! Memberships are charitable contributions. You can make your required minimum distribution from your IRA directly to the Council and avoid paying taxes. You can also avoid paying capital gains tax if you transfer a stock to the Council. Contact the membership team for more information.  
  • I’m interested in making a planned gift (i.e. a bequest or part of my IRA) to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. How do I do that?
    Contact the membership team for more information.
  • How can I shop with Amazon and help the Council?
    Select Chicago Council on Global Affairs while you shop, and Amazon will donate .5% of your purchase to the Council through the AmazonSmile program. 
  • How do I know if my company with match my gift, and perhaps double the impact of my giving? 
    Check if your company has a matching giving program, and let us know that a matching gift will be coming to increase your membership level and support to the Council.
  • How do I renew my membership?
    You can renew your Council membership online, over the phone by calling +1 (312) 256-8559, or by mailing in your contribution form to 180 North Stetson Avenue, Suite 1400, Chicago, IL 60601. Please make checks payable to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.
  • Will I lose time on my membership if I renew early?
    No, you will not lose any time on your membership by renewing early! When you renew, your membership will be extended one year beyond your current expiration date.
  • I renewed my membership. Why am I still receiving notices?
    Thank you for your renewal! Due to processing time, it might take some time for us to get this updated in our system.
  • Why does it say I’m not a member when I try to register for an event?
    Your membership is recognized by the email you used when joining or renewing your membership. If you have questions on which email address this is, please contact the membership team. If you recently joined as a member, please allow a few hours for your membership status to be updated.
  • How do I register on behalf of another person?
    To register on behalf of someone else (i.e. if you are someone’s assistant registering for them), you can check the “I am registering on behalf of this person” option on the invitee information page and use the attending person’s email address and name. Please only check this box if you are registering for someone else. Download the event registration troubleshooting guide.
  • How can I register a guest?
    Some Council events allow you to bring a guest(s) along at no additional cost. If this option is available, please click the “add guest” button on the guest information page. Download the event registration troubleshooting guide.
  • How do I modify my registration?  
    After you have registered for an event, you may go back in to modify your registration to add a guest or cancel your registration. To modify your registration, return to the event registration page and click “register today.” Then click the “Already Registered?” button. Enter your confirmation number (found in the event confirmation email) and from there, you can update your information.  
  • How do I sign up to receive email communications from the Council?
    As a member, you will receive our event updates and weekly Global Insight email newsletter. You may also receive regular updates about member specific opportunities from our membership team. You can update your preferences any time in our email preferences center.  
  • How do I unsubscribe from Council email communications?
    We’re sorry to see you go, but if you no longer wish to receive any emails from the Council, you may unsubscribe by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of our emails. Please note that this will unsubscribe you from all Council communications, including membership opportunities, renewals, and special event announcements. You can opt out of individual email communications in our email preferences center.
  • Help! I noticed I am no longer receiving Council emails. How do I get back on the list?
    It's possible you or your spam filter inadvertently unsubscribed your email address from our email marketing system. Please fill out this form to resubscribe. In order to ensure that you receive all Council communications, please allow emails from our two domains: and, and the IP address