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Does Older Mean Wiser? US Views on Gerontocracy

Running Numbers by Emma Geiser

While Americans broadly support upper age limits for federal elected officials, age is not their top consideration when choosing a candidate.

Senators Chuck Grassley and Dianne Feinstein
Public Opinion

With 20-Year Hindsight, Public Opinion and the Iraq War

Running Numbers by Dina Smeltz

To be suspicious of Iraq was part of the American zeitgeist long before 2003, survey data show.

George W. Bush speaks in front of a sign that says 'strategy for victory'
Public Opinion

Women's Success Is the World's Success

Global Insight by Catherine Bertini

Council Distinguished Fellow and Former Executive Director of the World Food Program Catherine Bertini reflects on why elevating women and girls worldwide matters.

A group of girls sit at their desks at a school in Kenya.
Women and Girls

Beating the Odds: The Mothers and Children of the 1,000 Days Movement

Global Food for Thought by Roger Thurow

Ten years after The First 1,000 Days book began, Roger Thurow revisits the featured mothers and children to see how they are faring.

Shyamkali sits cross legged and holds her young daughter.
Anne Thurow
Food and Agriculture

From "Rust Belt" to "Trust Belt": Why the Language We Use Matters

Global Insight by Coauthors

In promoting economic renewal in industrial heartland regions, leaders must avoid language that condemns these regions and their citizens to passivity.

Heartland renewal
Global Economy, Trade and Business

A Year of War in Ukraine

Global Insight by Ivo H. Daalder

Council President and Former US Ambassador to NATO Ivo H. Daalder reflects on the one-year anniversary of Russia's war in Ukraine.

A woman draped in the Ukrainian flag looks at shoes symbolizing war crimes committed against Ukrainian civilians
Global Politics

Black Americans' Views on the War in Ukraine

Running Numbers by Craig Kafura

Black Americans are supportive of aid to Ukraine, but less likely than other Americans to back an open-ended support of Kyiv “for as long as it takes.”

Person seen from behind with an American flag and Ukraine flag draped over their shoulders, grey beanie on their head.
US Foreign Policy

Hemispheric Migration: Transnational Challenges Require Transnational Solutions

Running Numbers by Cristobal Ramón

The movement of Venezuelans across the Western Hemisphere highlights the need for regional coordination.

Venezuelans migrants carry their belongings as they try to reach Peru
Immigration and Migration

Embracing Dandelions as Food and Medicine

Global Food for Thought by Linda Black Elk

Through their connection to traditional food practices, dandelions challenge colonized notions of food security and provide students with the opportunity to reconnect with Indigenous food systems.

A field of dandelions.
Vlad Vasilov
Food and Agriculture

The Future of European Energy

Running Numbers by Gabriela Ivanova

The war in Ukraine has shifted public opinion toward energy independence, renewable power, and nuclear energy.

wind turbines in Berlin
Public Opinion