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World Review with Amos, Agrawal, and Rahman

Video Series
World Review with Ivo Daalder

Ravi Agrawal, Deb Amos and Gideon Rachman join Ivo Daalder to discuss the week's top news stories.

A hand selects from a stack of newspapers.
MD Mahdi
Global Politics

China's Missing Cabinet, UNGA, US-Iran Prisoner Deal

Video Series
World Review with Ivo Daalder

Jamil Anderlini, Bobby Ghosh, and Susan Glasser join Ivo Daalder to discuss the week's top news stories.

U.N. General Assembly
AP Photos
Global Politics

New Technologies Transforming City Life: Dream or Reality?

Deep Dish on Global Affairs Podcast

Innovation, utopian visions, ethics, and profits have shaped the effects technology has on urban life. What has worked, what has failed, and what does it mean for the future?

Mideast Emirates Dubai Smart City
Tech and Science

John Lorinc's "Dream States" Wins Global Cities Book Award

In the News
The Globe and Mail
John Lorinc

The book, which raises tough questions about smart city tech and its impacts on urban communities, was awarded a $25,000 prize for the inaugural award.

Dream States by John Lorinc Global Cities

John Lorinc Raises Tough Questions on Smart City Technology

Global Insight by Coauthors

With AI set to reshape the world, "Dream States" offers a timely and comprehensive analysis of the challenges and opportunities of smart city technology.

Dream States by John Lorinc Global Cities

A very real guide to Chicago's unicorn world

ChicagoGlobal by Fiona Roach

It's not your imagination. Chicago has experienced a unicorn explosion in recent years. What makes the area so appealing?

Illustration of Chicago unicorn logos
Elizabeth Sokolich
Global Cities

"The Circle" is the Future: A Photographic Exhibition on the Circular Economy

Global Insight by Valeria G. Castelli

What does sustainable innovation look like? Photographer and filmmaker Luca Locatelli talks about his exhibition on the circular economy, the environment, and our future.

Undersea shot from Luca Locatelli
Luca Locatelli
Global Cities

Unraveling the Global War on Terror in Africa

In the News
Defense Priorities
Elizabeth Shackelford

More than 20 years after 9/11, are US counterterrorism efforts in Africa paying off? Senior Fellow Elizabeth Shackelford joins fellow experts to discuss.

Lizzy Shackelford speaks via Zoom US Foreign Policy

Survival of the City: Ed Glaeser on the Future of Post-Pandemic Urban Life

Global Insight by Coauthors

Pattis Family Foundation Global Cities Book Award nominee Edward Glaeser examines the gaps in health care, education, and governance laid bare by the pandemic.

Survival of the City shot Global Cities

'The Bear' Effect: How a TV hit is reviving Chicago's gastro-tourism economy

ChicagoGlobal by Ally Marotti

Before the pandemic, the Windy City's restaurant scene was a global draw. The post-COVID rebound would have been slower were it not for the adventures of one troubled fictional chef.

Jeremy Allen White portrays chef Carmen Berzatto in the hit Hulu series "The Bear."
Global Economy