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Past Events

Unlocking India's Economic Potential: A Conversation with Raghuram Rajan


Join us for a discussion of how India can navigate economic challenges to secure a more prosperous and sustainable future. 

Olga Bitel and Raghuram Rajan speak on the Council's stage.

Redefining US-China Engagement with Congressman Krishnamoorthi


A discussion on how the United States could navigate the next decade of economic and technological competition with China.

Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi and Craig Kafura, Director of Public Opinion and Foreign Policy at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs on stage at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.
Ana Miyares Photography

Commentary & Analysis

Americans of all Races Support International Trade

Running Numbers by Coauthors

Majorities across racial and ethnic groups say international trade benefits consumers, job creation, and the domestic economy.

 Cosco Shipping container ship passes the Golden Gate Bridge
Eric Risberg / AP
Public Opinion

Recruiting corporate Chicago to join the fight against climate change

ChicagoGlobal by H. Lee Murphy

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, just opened a Chicago branch. We talk with its new head, Holly Crilly, to find out what's next.

The Chicago skyline behind train tracks
Aric Cheng
Global Economy


Americans Say US Has Not Gone Far Enough on China Trade Issues

Public Opinion Survey by Craig Kafura

The public generally does not see current US trade policies toward China as benefiting Americans.

a jockey truck passes a stack of 40-foot China Shipping containers at the Port of Savannah
AP Photos
US Foreign Policy

The Emerging Geopolitics of Infrastructure Competition

Working Paper by Simon Curtis

The success of ambitious states will be determined by their ability to shape global infrastructures and the cities they connect around the world.

Belt and Road High Speed Rail
AP Photos
Global Cities


Michael H. Moskow 

Vice Chair and Distinguished Fellow, Global Economy
Council expert Michael H. Moskow