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Upcoming Events

The Energy Transition: Power, Batteries, and New Mobility in Cities

In-Person EVENT
Corporate Leadership Conversations

Please join us for our next Corporate Leadership Conversation with UL Solutions on the Urban Energy Transition. 

Senior leaders from corporate partner companies discussing corporate sustainability at a Council event on April 11, 2023.

Rising Rents and Stagnant Wages: Today's Economic Challenges with Mary Daly

Hybrid EVENT

Join San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank President Mary Daly for a town hall on the unique economic challenges facing young Americans.

People pass in front of the New York Stock Exchange on March 21, 2023.
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Past Events

A Conversation with Matt Murray, US Senior Official for APEC


Matt Murray joins members of the Council community to discuss trade, investment, and economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region.

US VP Kamala Harris and Thailand's Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha hold a Chalom during the closing of the 2022 APEC Summit in Bangkok, Thailand.
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Corporate Sustainability and ESG: Moving Beyond Compliance

Corporate Leadership Conversations

Senior leaders from corporate partner companies are invited to discuss how sustainable global business practices can lead to corporate growth.

Three men and a woman sit at a conference desk.

Commentary & Analysis

'The Bear' Effect: How a TV hit is reviving Chicago's gastro-tourism economy

ChicagoGlobal by Ally Marotti

Before the pandemic, the Windy City's restaurant scene was a global draw. The post-COVID rebound would have been slower were it not for the adventures of one troubled fictional chef.

Jeremy Allen White portrays chef Carmen Berzatto in the hit Hulu series "The Bear."
Global Economy

The Pitfalls of University-led Growth: The Case of Macomb, Ill.

Global Insight by Ella Goeckner-Wald

Universities can serve as economic engines for rural cities, but collaboration between academia, government, and the private sector is key to sustainable growth.

Macomb, Illinois
Ella Goeckner-Wald
Global Economy


Infrastructure: The EU's Global Gateway Put to the Test

Working Paper by Alessandro Gili

Through infrastructure investments, economic integration, and green and digital transitions, the EU's Global Gateway will shape Africa and its cities as new hubs for development.

African construction site
Global Cities

The Role of China in Rescaling Service Delivery in Urban Africa

Working Paper by Coauthors

The energy transition in African cities marks a key site of geopolitical competition, as China's control of the solar market reshapes urban service delivery.

Solar panels in Africa
Global Cities


Michael H. Moskow 

Vice Chair and Distinguished Fellow, Global Economy
Council expert Michael H. Moskow

Robert L. Thompson 

Nonresident Senior Fellow, Global Food and Agriculture
Council expert Robert L. Thompson