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The Chinese Communist Party's Next 100 Years

To understand Chinese politics and what lies ahead for the ruling party, author Bruce Dickson argues we must look to the tools China’s leaders use to create popular support.
Chinese Communist Party Celebration Play Podcast

A century after the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, Bruce Dickson, author of The Party and the People: Chinese Politics in the 21st Century, joins host Brian Hanson on Deep Dish to examine how the party maintains its power and what influences will shape its future—and geopolitics. 

About the Experts
Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, George Washington University
Bruce Dickson
Bruce Dickson's research and teaching focus on political dynamics in China, especially the adaptability of the Chinese Communist Party and the regime it governs. His current research examines the political consequences of economic reform in China, the Chinese Communist Party’s evolving strategy for survival, and the changing relationship between state and society. He is the author of The Party and the People: Chinese Politics in the 21st Century.
Bruce Dickson
Brian Hanson
Former Vice President, Studies
Brian Hanson headshot
Brian Hanson served as the vice president of studies at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He managed the Council's research operations and hosted the Council's weekly podcast, Deep Dish on Global Affairs.
Brian Hanson headshot

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