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The NBA's Controversial China Partnership

Experts assess whether the NBA's partnership with China harms US business, basketball's popularity, and global human rights.
Marc Edelman
Jabari Young
Elise Labott
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Having carefully fostered a close relationship with China and nurtured a basketball consumer craze across its borders, the National Basketball Association's China operations are worth over $5 billion. But its business success has placed a significant spotlight on the league’s position on China's alleged human rights violations.

Heightened criticism from owners, players, and fans combined with a series of public relations blunders over the social responsibilities of corporations have put the league on the defensive. CNBC's Jabari Young and Marc Edelman, Sports Ethics Director at CUNY's Baruch College, and Zivvy Media's Elise Labott join the Council's YP Nexus to discuss. 

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About the Speakers
Sports Ethics Director, Robert Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity, Baruch College
Marc Edelman is the sports ethics director at the Zicklin Center for Corporate Integrity at Baruch College, City University of New York, where he also serves as a professor of law. Professor Edelman is the founder of Edelman Law, where he provides legal consulting and expert witness services to businesses in the commercial sports, entertainment and online gaming industries.
Sports Business Reporter, CNBC
Jabari Young is a CNBC national sports business reporter best known for his coverage of the San Antonio Spurs and the NBA. He joined CNBC in October 2019.
Elise Labott
Contributing Editor, POLITICO Magazine & CEO of Zivvy Media
Elise Labott is an adjunct professor at American University’s School of International Service and the founder and CEO of Zivvy Media, a digital platform to engage youth on global issues.