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Lama El Baz

Research Assistant, Public Opinion and US Foreign Policy

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About Lama El Baz

Lama El Baz joined the Chicago Council on Global Affairs in 2023 as a research assistant for the public opinion and US foreign policy team within the Lester Crown Center on US Foreign Policy. In this role, she is responsible for supporting the public opinion team in developing and advancing the Council’s research projects.

Earlier in 2023, El Baz graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a B.A. in government and politics with a concentration in International Relations. Prior to joining the Council, she worked as a strategic foresight intern at the Middle East Institute, where she researched the implications of the Metaverse on the regional security of the Middle East and North Africa. She also previously served as an undergraduate research assistant within the University of Maryland’s Department of Government and Politics, where she conducted research on the public opinions and political attitudes of Middle Eastern and North African international students. She is passionate about public opinion research, data analytics, and the regional affairs of the Middle East and North Africa.

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