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Past Events

"Slava Ukraini" Film Screening


Join the Council for a screening of Bernard-Henri Lévy’s  "Slava Ukraini," a war diary from the front lines of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Director Bernard-Henri Lévy walking with three soldiers.
Marc Roussel

Protecting American Democracy: What Can Americans Do?


Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haass offers suggestions on steps we can take to preserve American democracy and tackle challenges facing the United States.

A headshot of Richard Haass
Council on Foreign Relations

Commentary & Analysis

Unraveling the Global War on Terror in Africa

In the News
Defense Priorities
Elizabeth Shackelford

More than 20 years after 9/11, are US counterterrorism efforts in Africa paying off? Senior Fellow Elizabeth Shackelford joins fellow experts to discuss.

Lizzy Shackelford speaks via Zoom US Foreign Policy

GOP Calls to Invade Mexico Are More Than Just a Political Stunt

In the News
World Politics Review
Paul Poast

When in doubt about a foreign policy problem, Paul Poast argues, Washington’s first instinct is to turn to the military.

Mike Pence, Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy stand on stage
AP Photos
US Foreign Policy


Less is More: A New Strategy for US Security Assistance to Africa

Report by Coauthors

The US strategy toward Africa today is neither effective nor sustainable. It’s time to flip the script.

US troops participate in a military exercise with African allies
US Foreign Policy

Ethiopia: Propping up One Strongman after Another

Policy Brief by Emma Sanderson

America’s unconditional security sector assistance has helped facilitate Ethiopia’s violent responses to opposition.

Ethiopian government soldiers ride in the back of a truck on a road in the Tigray region
AP Photos
US Foreign Policy


Joshua Busby 

Nonresident Fellow, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy
Nonresident Fellow, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy expert Joshua Busby