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Past Events

Strengthening Regional Economies for a Sustainable Midwest


Ahead of the Cities Summit of the Americas, the Council brings together local and national leaders to explore policy priorities for a sustainable Midwest.

Roundtable Discussion
Matt Watson

We Will Chicago: Economic Development


The final public engagement event in the We Will Chicago series gathers local and international leaders to discuss models of equitable economic development.

Chicago El train
Josh Hild

Commentary & Analysis

Chicago Must Confront its Conflicted Stance Toward Immigrants

In the News
Chicago Tribune
Valeria G. Castelli

City leaders must promote solidarity between local communities and asylum seekers, who face many of the same challenges as long-term residents, argues Valeria Castelli.

Adult and child hands holding, both in dark shirts. Global Cities

Cities for Autocrats and the Future of Urban Spaces

Global Insight by Abraham Zuraw

Cities have been called bastions of democracy, but authoritarian leaders across the globe are articulating their own visions for the future of urban spaces.

New Egyptian administrative capital.
Youssef Abdelwahab
Global Cities


Democracy and the Life of Cities


This publication examines and challenges the role of cities in generating and strengthening democratic practices as authoritarianism rises across much of the world.

Busy New York streets.
Global Cities

Upstream Illinois: Strategies to Boost Illinois' Blue Economy

Report by Alaina Harkness

This report by Nonresident Fellow Alaina Harkness offers a blueprint for inclusive growth and innovation in the blue economy grounded in the Great Lakes.

Chicago skyline with Lake Michigan in the background
Johnell Pannell
Global Cities


Michele Acuto 

Nonresident Senior Fellow, Global Cities
Council expert Michele Acuto
Social Media

John Austin 

Nonresident Senior Fellow, Global Midwest
Council expert John Austin