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Transcending Political Differences Using Sports Diplomacy

Experts discuss how sports diplomacy can be an important soft power tool for nations to further cultural understanding and address geopolitical challenges.
Shihoko Goto
Jonathan Grix
Matthew Abbott
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The Olympic Games, the World Cup, and other international sporting events have long been considered important moments for cultural exchanges, reduction of political tensions, and global unity. These athletic exchanges have also served as opportunities for the governments of host nations to project soft power and further their own political objectives. As Japan prepares to welcome the world for the Tokyo Olympic Games, a panel of experts discusses the power of sports diplomacy to abate differences and the complex geopolitics surrounding global athletic events.

About the Speakers
Deputy Director for Geoeconomics and Senior Northeast Asia Associate, Wilson Center
Shihoko Goto is a leading expert on economics and politics in Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea, as well as U.S. policy in the region. She spent ten years reporting from Tokyo and Washington for Dow Jones and UPI on the global economy, international trade, and Asian markets and politics.
Professor of Sports Policy, Manchester Metropolitan University
Jonathan Grix is a Professor of Sports Policy at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is a leading expert in sport politics and sport policy with a particular specialty in sports mega-events and soft power. He serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics.
Director, Government and Diplomatic Programs
Headshot for Matt Abbott
Matt Abbott joined the Chicago Council on Global Affairs in 2015 as the director of government and diplomatic programs.
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