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Senator Joni Ernst on Emerging Threats to National Defense

Joni Ernst, senator from Iowa and retired lieutenant colonel, discussed the top challenges to US defense and security today.
Joni Ernst
Ivo H. Daalder
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A military officer for over 23 years and member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Iowan Senator Joni Ernst joins the Council to discuss American foreign policy and national security. The Republican leader from the Midwest will discuss the emerging threats that the United States faces, how we can share the burden with partners to improve global stability, and policies important to strengthening America’s defense capabilities at home and across the globe.


This is a hybrid event, meaning members are able to attend in person in our conference center but there will be virtual elements. Space is limited. Not a member and want to participate in person? Join now.

In-person COVID-19 related safety measures will be followed.

About the Speakers
United States Senator, Iowa
Joni Ernst is a United States Senator from Iowa, previously having served in the military for over 23 years. She was elected as the first woman to serve in federal elected office from the state of Iowa and was the first female combat veteran elected to serve in the US Senate. Ernst serves on four Senate committees: Armed Services; Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry; Environment and Public Works; and Small Business and Entrepreneurship.
CEO, Chicago Council on Global Affairs
Headshot of Ivo H. Daalder
Ivo H. Daalder served as the US ambassador to NATO from 2009 to 2013. He joined the Council as president in 2013 and took on the new role of CEO in 2023. Previously, he was a senior fellow in foreign policy studies at the Brookings Institution and served as director for European affairs on President Bill Clinton’s National Security Council. He is the author or editor of 10 books.
Headshot of Ivo H. Daalder