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Past Events

Nakate on Climate Justice and Youth Activism


Founder of the Rise Up Climate Movement Vanessa Nakate discusses the global climate crisis and the importance of elevating the next generation of underrepresented environmental leaders with Jamia Jowers.

Vanessa Nakate speaks into megaphone during a demonstration for climate change.

The Sahel and Western Military Assistance in Africa


A panel of experts explore the West’s changing military presence in Africa’s Sahel region and what it could mean for peace and stability across the continent.

French and Chadian peacekeepers talk at the Minusma peacekeeping base in Kidal, Mali

Commentary & Analysis

America in Africa: Genuine Partners or Neocolonialism?

In the News
The Resistance Bureau
Elizabeth Shackelford

Elizabeth Shackleford discusses U.S.-Africa relations and how the US can play a constructive role in Africa's future without repeating mistakes of the past.

Elizabeth Shackleford speaks over Zoom. Global Politics

With Peace Deal, Ethiopia and Tigray Rebels Acknowledge War's Toll

Global Insight by Chris Morris

A ceasefire between Ethiopian government forces and Tigrayan rebels brings optimism after years of fighting.

2 men sit at a desk while 3 others stand between them, with flags in the background
International Law and Human Rights


The Case for Inclusive Agricultural Development

Policy Brief by Coauthors

Amid shifts towards inclusive agricultural development, the Center for Global Food and Agriculture offers policy recommendations for further US government action.

Gorreti Ndagire (center) counts money during a Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) group meeting in Katoosi village, Ddwaniro subcounty, Rakai district, Uganda.
Catholic Relief Services/Will Baxter
Food and Agriculture

City Diplomacy During COVID-19: The 2022 Cities and International Engagement Survey

Report by Michele Acuto

This report presents findings from a survey of city governments that identifies major issues for international engagement, including the COVID-19 pandemic and response.

Global Cities