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Past Events

Learning from COVID-19 to Fight Climate Change


Eliza Barclay of Vox, NASA’s Cynthia Rosenzweig, Council expert Roger Thurow, and Devex’s Teresa Welsh discussed the lessons we can learn from the coronavirus pandemic to tackle climate change.

Offshore wind turbines in the UK
Nicholas Doherty

Commentary & Analysis

From Simple to Great, from Past to Future

Global Food for Thought by Christopher Butler

Lima 2035 shares their ambitious plan to change urban food systems to transform the world’s driest megacity.

An aerial view of Lima, Peru
Aarom Ore
Food and Agriculture

Build Back Bluer: Water Innovation Can Drive Inclusive Economic Recovery in the Great Lakes

In the News
Crain's Chicago Business
Alaina Harkness

Alaina Harkness discusses the water infrastructure of the midwest.

Lake Michigan from Chicago Water


Upstream Illinois: Strategies to Boost Illinois' Blue Economy

Report by Alaina Harkness

This report by Nonresident Fellow Alaina Harkness offers a blueprint for inclusive growth and innovation in the blue economy grounded in the Great Lakes.

Chicago and Lake Michigan.
Johnell Pannell via Unsplash
Global Cities

The Right to the Shoreline: Race, Exclusion, and Public Beaches in Metropolitan Chicago

Report by Coauthors

The growing role of federal and state money in combatting erosion and flooding at Chicago’s Lake Michigan shore offers an opportunity to mandate local governments make their beaches more open and equitable.

People play in the water at a public beach at Chicago's South Shore Cultural Center
Eric Allix Rogers
Global Cities


Michael Tiboris 

Nonresident Fellow, Global Water
Council expert Michael Tiboris