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Upcoming Events

A Conversation with Roger Thurow

Hybrid EVENT

Senior Fellow Roger Thurow joins us for a members-only discussion on his upcoming book, international farming stories, and more.

A boy shows freshly plucked chillies from his field on the outskirts of Prayagraj, in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on November 21, 2021.
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Past Events

Bridging the Gap between Farmers and Consumers: A Sustainable Food Seal


A "sustainable food seal" is critical to move consumer markets on sustainability.

A woman stands in a grocery store examining food options.

Strengthening Regional Economies for a Sustainable Midwest


Ahead of the Cities Summit of the Americas, the Council brings together local and national leaders to explore policy priorities for a sustainable Midwest.

Roundtable Discussion
Matt Watson

Commentary & Analysis

"The Circle" is the Future: A Photographic Exhibition on the Circular Economy

Global Insight by Valeria G. Castelli

What does sustainable innovation look like? Photographer and filmmaker Luca Locatelli talks about his exhibition on the circular economy, the environment, and our future.

Undersea shot from Luca Locatelli
Luca Locatelli
Global Cities

Can City Diplomacy Help African Cities Take Action on Climate Mobility?

Global Insight by Coauthors

African cities are experiencing growing climate-related migration that has the opportunity to unlock their economic, social, and cultural development.

Libya climate crisis.
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Global Cities


Encouraging Farmer Adoption of Regenerative Agriculture Practices in the United States

Report by Coauthors

Regenerative agriculture can help our food and agricultural systems become more resilient.

A woman and man crouch down in a field of cover crops and examine the plants.
Edwin Remsberg & USDA-SARE
Food and Agriculture

Aligning ESG and SDGs at the Urban Level

Report by Kris Hartley

This report outlines how cities and the private sector can collaborate on and magnify sustainability efforts that enable broad systemic change.

Sustainable urban development
Global Cities