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Past Events

Strengthening Regional Economies for a Sustainable Midwest


Ahead of the Cities Summit of the Americas, the Council brings together local and national leaders to explore policy priorities for a sustainable Midwest.

Roundtable Discussion
Matt Watson

We Will Chicago: Environment, Climate, and Energy


Angela Tovar joins local and international leaders to discuss climate solutions and urban resiliency efforts.

A view of the Chicago skyline from Lake Michigan.

Commentary & Analysis

Innovating Forward: Committing to Food and Agriculture

Youth in Agriculture: Transforming Local Food Systems

The Youth in Agriculture podcast examines new innovations required to improve the food system.

Abbie Doane-Simon, of Green City Growers, cultivates produce in a rooftop garden on the third-base side of Fenway Park in Boston.
AP Photos/Elise Amendola
Food and Agriculture

Partnering with Youth to Inspire Agricultural Innovation

Youth in Agriculture: Transforming Local Food Systems

The future of agricultural innovation is dependent on young people. How can we motivate them to get engaged?

A Bangladeshi farmer woman separates the husk from the grain during harvest at Saturia village, on the outskirts of Dhaka.
AP Photos/Pavel Rahman
Food and Agriculture


Race, Ethnicity, and American Views of Climate Change

Public Opinion Survey by Coauthors

Asian, Hispanic, and Black Americans are more likely to view climate change as a threat than Americans as a whole, data show.

the U.S. Capitol is seen between cardboard cutouts of flames during a climate change protest
AP Photos
Public Opinion

Bridging the Gap: A "Sustainable Food Seal"

Report by Coauthors

A "sustainable food seal" empowers consumers and farmers to support a more sustainable food supply chain.

A shelf of milk and alternative milks at a grocery store is pictured.
Kenny Eliason
Food and Agriculture