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We Will Chicago: Environment, Climate, and Energy

Town Hall
Angela Tovar joins local and international leaders to discuss climate solutions and urban resiliency efforts.
A view of the Chicago skyline from Lake Michigan.
Angela Tovar
T. Khoi Do
Kye Dudd
Mauricio Rodas
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About This Event

Climate change is expected to cause Chicago’s weather patterns to become hotter and more unpredictable, causing disruption in almost every aspect of a Chicagoan’s life. Join the Council, the City of Chicago, and the Metropolitan Planning Council as we explore international models that advance the goal of environment, climate, and energy resiliency. You will hear from global voices on successful international initiatives and from City of Chicago leaders on the relevant policies included in the We Will Chicago draft framework plan. With citizen input, these policies can lead to more livable and vibrant communities. 

About the Speakers
Angela Tovar
Chief Sustainability Officer
Angela Tovar is the chief sustainability officer for the City of Chicago, where she is committed to centering the city's climate and sustainability agenda on equity and mitigating environmental harm in Chicago's most overburdened and underserved communities.
T. Khoi Do
Director of Market Development and Innovation, UL Solutions
Photo of T. Khoi Do
T. Khoi Do is the Director of Market Development and Innovation for the Asset and Sustainability Performance portfolio at UL Solutions. In this role, he supports the launch of innovative solutions related to sustainability, ESG performance, healthy employees and buildings, and renewable energy.
Photo of T. Khoi Do
Bristol Cabinet Member for Climate, Ecology, Energy, and Waste
Councillor Kye Dudd is Bristol’s Cabinet Member for Climate, Ecology, Energy, and Waste. He leads on the £1 billion City Leap clean energy investment program and works with the council-owned Bristol Waste Company, including building a new Household Reuse and Recycling Centre.
Distinguished Fellow, Global Cities
Council expert Mauricio Rodas
Mauricio Rodas, a fellow at the Council, founded and served as the Executive Director of Ethos Public Policy Lab, a think tank based in Mexico that went on to be ranked among the most influential in Latin America. In 2013 he ran for president of Ecuador and was then elected as mayor of Quito. He was named one of the 100 Worlds' Most Influential People on Climate Action in 2019 by "Apolitical."
Council expert Mauricio Rodas