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The State of Global Democracy

The Council welcomed Derek Mitchell and Daniel Twining—the presidents of the National Democratic Institute and the International Republican Institute—to share their reflections on the state of democracy.
Derek Mitchell
Daniel Twining
Cécile Shea
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About This Event

The erosion of freedom globally has remained consistent for the 13th consecutive year, according to research from Freedom House. From corrupt elections and abuse of term limits to attacks on journalists and the free press, the health of democratic systems globally is under threat. Two sister organizations, the National Democratic Institute and the International Republican Institute, have similar missions: to support democracies and democratic transitions in every corner of the world. But their political philosophies and methods differ. What is the value of these differing perspectives and their cooperation in supporting and promoting global democracy?

About the Speakers
Derek Mitchell
President, National Democratic Institute
Daniel Twining
President, International Republican Institute
Nonresident Senior Fellow, Global Security and Diplomacy
Council expert Cécile Shea
Cécile Shea is a nonresident senior fellow on security and diplomacy at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. She is the president of Wakaru Communications and a special advisor to the Council’s Next Generation programs.
Council expert Cécile Shea