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Human Rights and the Future of Afghanistan

Join UChicago's International House and the Chicago Council for a conversation with Nader Nadery on the future of human rights in Afghanistan.
A Taliban fighter stands in the road during a celebration marking the second anniversary of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan
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Nader Nadery
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Over two years ago, following a withdrawal deal with the Taliban, the United States military left Afghanistan in a tumultuous departure. Since that time, there has been a steady regression in people’s rights under the Taliban. What are the lessons for the protection of human rights in negotiating peace with a religious militant group? What is the current state of human rights in Afghanistan? Within this new context, is there anything that the international community can do to improve the situation? And what hope do ordinary Afghan citizens have for the future? Hosted by the University of Chicago's International House and co-sponsored by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, join us for a conversation on the future of human rights in Afghanistan given two years of Taliban rule following the tumultuous US departure.

About the Speakers
Former Commissioner of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission
Photo of Nader Nadery
Nader Nadery is a Senior Fellow at the Wilson Center and a Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. A human rights advocate, Nadery was a member of Afghanistan’s peace negotiation team during the talks in Doha and previously served in a number of significant roles, including commissioner of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission and senior advisor to the Afghan president on strategic affairs and human rights.
Photo of Nader Nadery

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