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Macron Tries Reviving Minsk Agreement

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Emmanuel Macron tries to assuage Russia’s concerns, but no one ever truly implemented the Minks Agreement he’s rousing, explains Ivo Daalder on CBC's Power & Politics.
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The French President is on a "whirlwind diplomatic mission," but is a Russian invasion of Ukraine inevitable? Council President Ivo Daalder discusses the latest developments with CBC's Power & Politics. 

"I don't think we should give up on diplomacy," says Daalder. "But I do think that what Putin is after is something that's not going to be achieved through diplomacy, which is: he wants to control de facto, if not de jure, Ukraine. He wants to make sure that it is no longer capable of acting as an independent country.

"He worries about not only about Ukraine choosing to align with NATO; he worries about Ukraine being independent. He worries about Ukraine being a successful democracy. He worries about the people in Ukraine setting an example of what can be achieved through democracy and prosperity to his own subjects in Russia. He worries, ultimately, about his own power situation inside Russia."