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Fundamental Realities of NATO and Ukraine

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In the world of realpolitik, are Russia's demands of NATO fair? Council President Ivo Daalder discusses with Ghida Fakhry on Inside America.
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"Is the standoff between Washington and Moscow the most serious and dangerous crisis since the fall of the Berlin Wall? [...] Is this really about Ukraine's independence and sovereignty?" 

Inside America's Ghida Fakhry poses these and other questions to Council President and former Ambassador to NATO Ivo Daalder. 

"The fundamental principles remain," says Daalder. "Countries should be able to decide their future, and not be vetoed for doing so by their neighbors, particularly when those neighbors are stronger, particularly when they have 100,000 troops on their borders. This is not how international affairs should be conducted, and under the circumstances, opposing what Russia is trying to do is the right policy."