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Russian Mobilization and Defeats Rattle Putin's Position

Russians share their perspectives on why military disaster in Ukraine could have seismic consequences for their nation’s politics, economy, and society—with global implications.
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About the Episode

President Putin mobilized over 300,000 military reservists to buttress Russia’s battered forces, prompting protests and an exodus of Russians to neighboring countries. On Deep Dish, recently fled Russian social media personalities share their perspective on the darkening political climate in their homeland. And independent journalist and filmmaker Mikhail Fishman and Moscow Times’ Leyla Latypova discuss how Russia’s reversals on the battlefield are transforming the nation's politics and society and could even threaten Putin’s leadership. 

About the Experts
Reporter, The Moscow Times
Leyla Latypova is a reporter covering human rights, regional and ethnic minority politics, and civil society in Russia for The Moscow Times.
Russian Journalist and Filmmaker
Mikhail Fishman is a Russian journalist and filmmaker. He is an anchor at TV Rain and served as editor-in-chief of both the Moscow Times and Russian Newsweek. He is author of new book “The Successor: The Story Of Boris Nemtsov And Of The Country, In Which He Didn’t Become President”.
Brian Hanson
Former Vice President, Studies
Brian Hanson headshot
Brian Hanson served as the vice president of studies at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He managed the Council's research operations and hosted the Council's weekly podcast, Deep Dish on Global Affairs.
Brian Hanson headshot
Podcast Host and Blogger
Greg is a Russian blogger, TikTok personality, and podcast host of “Greg Mustreader”. He covers trends in society, Russian politics, the Russian-Ukraine war, and technology. Mustreader fled to Istanbul, Turkey in March of 2022 as rumors of the draft and the enforcement of Russia’s disinformation law circulated. He now lives in exile, indefinitely.
YouTuber and Content Creator
Natasha is a Russian social media personality developing content for her YouTube channel called “Natasha’s Adventures.” Kurnaeva is originally from the far east of Russia, and recently fled to Tbilisi, Georgia now capturing her life and adventures outside of Russia, while also reporting first and second hand accounts of the Russia-Ukraine war.

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