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How Putin's Overreach Undermined Russian Power

Former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul and Wilson Center’s Lucian Kim explain how Russia’s setbacks in Ukraine have exposed flaws in its claims to be a great power.
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About the Episode

Yesterday, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Uzbekistan. While these nations are assumed to be America’s chief geostrategic competitors, Russia’s faltering invasion of Ukraine has isolated its economy, degraded its military, and undermined its international standing. Former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul and Wilson Center’s Lucian Kim join Deep Dish to discuss what the war in Ukraine has revealed about Russia’s global power and whether it can still be considered a great power. 

About the Experts
Professor, Political Science, Stanford University
Michael McFaul is a leading expert on Russia, American foreign policy, and democratic development around the world. A former US ambassador to Russia, McFaul is currently a professor of political science at Stanford University, the director of Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies and the Peter and Helen Bing Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution.
Global Fellow, Woodrow Wilson International Center
Lucian Kim is currently a global fellow at the Kennan Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington. Kim is a journalist who reported in Putin’s Russia for 13 years for NPR, Reuters, Slate, Bloomberg, The Moscow Times, and others.
Brian Hanson
Former Vice President, Studies
Brian Hanson headshot
Brian Hanson served as the vice president of studies at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He managed the Council's research operations and hosted the Council's weekly podcast, Deep Dish on Global Affairs.
Brian Hanson headshot

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