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Pakistan's Taliban Gamble

Pakistan's military leaders lauded the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan this week. But will Pakistan's domestic threats—from a shaky economy to a rise in domestic terrorism—threaten the country's stability as a result of new leadership next door?
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What will the Taliban’s Afghanistan takeover mean for Pakistan—a US ally, a nuclear power, and a country beset by its own terrorism threats—and will the government’s decades-long support of the Taliban backfire? Brookings’ Madiha Afzal and the Financial Times’ Farhan Bokhari join Deep Dish to explain Pakistan’s priorities, foreign policy, and options for the future.

About the Experts
David M. Rubenstein Fellow - Foreign Policy, Center for Middle East Policy, Center for Security, Strategy, and Technology; Brookings
Madiha Afzal
Madiha Afzal is a David M. Rubenstein Fellow in the Foreign Policy program. Her research lies at the intersection of political economy, development, and security, with a focus on Pakistan. Afzal is the author of “Pakistan Under Siege: Extremism, Society, and the State.”
Madiha Afzal
Pakistan Correspondent, the Financial Times
Brian Hanson
Former Vice President, Studies
Brian Hanson headshot
Brian Hanson served as the vice president of studies at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He managed the Council's research operations and hosted the Council's weekly podcast, Deep Dish on Global Affairs.
Brian Hanson headshot

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