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Closing the Gap: Solving Food Waste to End Hunger in America

Global Food for Thought by Clayton Elbel

The 2023 Farm Bill presents a watershed moment in solving food loss and waste in the United States.

Aaron Nichols holds rich soil on his farm on March 17, 2023, in the unincorporated community of Helvetia, Oregon.
AP Photos/Andrew Selsky
Food and Agriculture

Mexico's GM Corn Ban Is about More Than Biotech

Global Food for Thought by Kailey Griffith

Mexico's threat to ban GM corn presents an opportunity to re-evaluate agricultural norms in the United States and address inequities in trade.

Central Illinois farmers deposit harvested corn on the ground outside a full grain elevator in Virginia, Ill.
AP Photos
Food and Agriculture

Agricultural Investment: Foreign Aid for Global Prosperity

Global Food for Thought by Cedric Habiyaremye

Activities to support resilient livelihoods must be combined with peacebuilding, conflict resolution efforts, and investment in food security.

A woman purchases vegetables at an outdoor food market.
REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon
Food and Agriculture

Beating the Odds: The Mothers and Children of the 1,000 Days Movement

Global Food for Thought by Roger Thurow

Ten years after The First 1,000 Days book began, Roger Thurow revisits the featured mothers and children to see how they are faring.

Shyamkali sits cross legged and holds her young daughter.
Anne Thurow
Food and Agriculture

Embracing Dandelions as Food and Medicine

Global Food for Thought by Linda Black Elk

Through their connection to traditional food practices, dandelions challenge colonized notions of food security and provide students with the opportunity to reconnect with Indigenous food systems.

A field of dandelions.
Vlad Vasilov
Food and Agriculture

Going Beyond Regenerative Agriculture on Tribal Lands

Global Food for Thought by Leah Altman

Regenerative agriculture helps build just food economies, protecting Indigenous ways of knowing despite outside pressure to conform to globalized agricultural practices.

Doyan and Kaiesta smile into the camera as they hold up two stalks of corn.
Intertribal Agriculture Council
Food and Agriculture

2023 Farm Bill: Enhancing Agricultural Safety Nets

Global Food for Thought by Senay Emmanuel

The 2023 Farm Bill will be a significant legislative hurdle that will require input, coordination, and buy-in from all sectors and actors within the domestic food system.

A tractor pulls a wagon of hay through a field of wheat.
Olia Gozha
Food and Agriculture

Expanding "638" to Enhance Native American Food Sovereignty

Global Food for Thought by Mary Belle Zook

Federal agricultural policies must continue expanding to provide greater support for Tribally-led endeavors and choices, including self-determination and self-governance.

A herd of buffalo is pictured on a field.
Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative
Food and Agriculture

Starving for Aid: The Unseen War in Tigray

Global Food for Thought by Coauthors

The Ethiopian government is using starvation as a weapon of war against Tigray, inducing a massive famine that requires immediate action from the international community.

An Ethiopian man examines his wheat crop near Korem in a northern Tigray province.
REUTERS/Radu Sigheti
Food and Agriculture

Flavors and Culture: Food Systems through Indigenous Women's Eyes

Global Food for Thought by Myrna Cunningham

Productive practices of Indigenous women's groups have significant value in contributing to the conservation of biodiversity and the well-being of humanity, and therefore encourage exchange and dialogue.

A woman walks along a cliff with a sheep following behind her.
Monica Volpin
Food and Agriculture