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Inclusion and Equity

Women in National Security and International Humanitarian Law Compliance

Report by Emily Sullivan

Emily Sullivan examines the potential impact of women’s increased participation and decision-making in militaries and national security in Interdisciplinary Political Studies.

A woman in uniform faces away from camera and salutes in front of a blue sky.
The National Guard
Defense and Security

Serving the Citizens—Not the Bureaucracy

Report by Sascha Haselmayer

New America's Sascha Haselmayer presents a strategic vision for city procurement.

City planners look at a document Global Cities

Republican Views on Racial Inequality Starkly Contrast Those of Democrats

Public Opinion Survey by Dina Smeltz

A large majority of Democrats (73%) consider racial inequality in the United States a critical threat to the country, while Republicans consider it a relatively low-level threat.

Protest signs outside of the White House
Public Opinion

The Right to the Shoreline: Race, Exclusion, and Public Beaches in Metropolitan Chicago

Report by Coauthors

The growing role of federal and state money in combatting erosion and flooding at Chicago’s Lake Michigan shore offers an opportunity to mandate local governments make their beaches more open and equitable.

People play in the water at a public beach at Chicago's South Shore Cultural Center
Eric Allix Rogers
Global Cities

Bridging the Research Gap: A Toolkit on Inclusive Research and Development Practices

Working Paper by Katelyn Jones

This toolkit presents a list of steps that ensure the entire research and development process uses equity, diversity, and inclusion as guiding principles at every stage.

A woman in all black stands next to servers, behind glass, holding a laptop computer Global Politics

Vroom or Bust? Towards a Chicago E-Scooter Strategy in 2020 and Beyond

Working Paper by Samuel Kling

A review of national and international e-scooter and micromobility trends outlines Chicago's 2019 pilot program and makes policy recommendations to improve sustainability, mobility, and equitable access.

Man riding an e-scooter.
Erin Riddle
Global Cities

Mobility as a Service: Managing an Urban Revolution

Policy Brief by Samuel Kling

The new paradigm of "mobility as a service" promises to change how people move, with local and global ramifications.

Scooter in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.
Tinou Bao
Global Cities

Promoting Social Equity and Economic Inclusion in Urban Waterway Development

Report by Michael Tiboris

This report from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs examines ways that urban waterway development might be used by cities.

Women in Niger water a vegetable garden. Climate and the Environment

Leadership Initiative on Corporate Engagement with Public Policy

Policy Brief by Coauthors

This paper provides recommendations for corporate engagement with public policy issues for societal objectives.

US Capitol Building at night Global Economy

Women and Global Development Forum Roundtable on Diversity, Inclusion, and Culture

Report by Katelyn Jones

Recognizing the critical importance of addressing D&I across sectors, a group of leaders gathered in a roundtable at the Council’s 2018 Global Health and Development Symposium.

Two women having a discussion on-stage during the International Women's Day: Tech Trailblazers For Social Good event. Inclusion and Equity