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Global Food Security Act Reauthorization: New and Lingering Challenges

RESEARCH Policy Brief by Gloria Dabek and Peggy Tsai Yih
Mississippi farm field rows during the winter on January 29, 2022.
Lance Cheung

Amid new challenges to global food security, the Center for Global Food and Agriculture analyzes necessary changes to the Global Food Security Act Reauthorization.

The Global Food Security Act (GFSA) authorizes the Feed the Future Initiative (FTF), the US government’s premier effort to address the root causes of hunger and poverty in lower- and middle-income countries. The GFSA must recognize how the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change wreak havoc on global food security efforts.

About the Authors
Gloria Dabek
Former Assistant Director, Government Relations
Gloria Dabek was formerly the assistant director of government relations within the Center on Global Food and Agriculture. While at the Council, she developed publications oriented toward policy solutions for global food and agriculture challenges and lead outreach and education to both congressional offices and the administration.
Managing Director, Center on Global Food and Agriculture
Headshot of Peggy Tsai Yih
Peggy Tsai Yih is the managing director of the Center on Global Food and Agriculture at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. She joined the Council in 2020. Previously, she led blue-ribbon advisory panels to address complex challenges in food, agriculture, and natural resources for more than 14 years at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in Washington, DC.
Headshot of Peggy Tsai Yih