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Bridging the Gap between Farmers and Consumers: A Sustainable Food Seal

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A "sustainable food seal" is critical to move consumer markets on sustainability.

A woman stands in a grocery store examining food options.

Past Events

Conference on Agriculture for Health


Influential thought leaders lay critical groundwork for better aligning agriculture and food systems.

An assortment of food is laid out on a table, seen from a bird's eye view. Food includes eggs, cheese, peas, broccoli, and fish.

US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield on Tackling the Global Food Security Crisis


UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield argues that implementing a foreign policy for all Americans means tackling the global food security crisis head on.

Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield on a recent visit to Africa.

Commentary & Analysis

A Scorching Summer Heats Up the Farmer Health Crisis

Global Food for Thought by Molly Shields

The summer’s record temperatures have reignited the international farmworker health crisis.

Construction worker Jose Arellano, left, wipes his face as Arellano and Juan Martinez install fence posts along a corn field in Happy, Texas.
AP Photos
Food and Agriculture

Neighborhood Dynamics in SNAP Participation and Food Access

Global Food for Thought by Katie Wilberding

Accounting for neighborhood characteristics can help remove barriers to SNAP enrollment.

A sign advertises a program that allows food stamp recipients to use their EBT cards to shop at a farmer's market in Topsham, Maine.
AP Photos
Food and Agriculture


Encouraging Farmer Adoption of Regenerative Agriculture Practices in the United States

Report by Coauthors

Regenerative agriculture can help our food and agricultural systems become more resilient.

A woman and man crouch down in a field of cover crops and examine the plants.
Edwin Remsberg & USDA-SARE
Food and Agriculture

Bridging the Gap: A "Sustainable Food Seal"

Report by Coauthors

A "sustainable food seal" empowers consumers and farmers to support a more sustainable food supply chain.

A shelf of milk and alternative milks at a grocery store is pictured.
Kenny Eliason
Food and Agriculture


Sanjeev Asthana 

Nonresident Fellow, Global Food and Agriculture
Council expert Sanjeev Asthana

Doug Bereuter 

Distinguished Fellow, Global Food and Agriculture
Council expert Doug Bereuter