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Isabelle Grassel

Former Public Opinion Intern

Isabelle Grassel joined the Council in May 2022 as a summer intern with the public opinion team. Originally from West Sacramento, California, Grassel is currently a rising senior at the University of Notre Dame, majoring in political science and Africana studies with a minor in European studies. Grassel hopes to bring these areas of study together, as she is interested in further understanding the role of race and its effects on political discourse on a global scale. In addition, she interested in looking at the current perception of the United States held by both the American people and those internationally.

At Notre Dame, Grassel has been a research assistant for the Reparations and Compliance Lab, which focuses on human rights compliance, and was a research assistant for a project focusing on state government policies pertaining to COVID-19. In her free time, she enjoys writing for student lifestyle publications, reading nonfiction, and going to local coffee shops in the Sacramento area.