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Gabriela Ivanova

Public Opinion Intern

headshot of Gabriela Ivanova

Ivanova joined the Council in Fall 2022 as an intern with the public opinion program. Originally from Sofia, Bulgaria, she has since studied in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Kyrgyzstan and is currently a senior at Williams College. There, she majors in history and political science with a focus on Eurasia, Central Asia, and the Middle East, and minors in Russian. She is passionate about human rights, freedom of speech, and access to education. This led her to volunteer at organizations such as Amnesty International and help with campaigns to free journalists and political activists. Through her work with SIPD (Students for Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue), she works on creating a safe space on her campus to educate and investigate the divisive conflict and teach about mediation and mutual respect. Her interest in social justice developed into a summer research project in Australia where she examined why Indigenous people have such unequal opportunities. In her free time, Ivanova loves to read, travel, play squash, and learn languages.

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