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Past Events

Partner Event: America, Australia, and Nuclear Proliferation in the Indo-Pacific


A panel of US and Australian experts considers what America's weakening alliances and the unraveling of the nuclear non-proliferation regime could mean for the Indo-Pacific region.

A mock Scud-B missile and other mock South Korean missiles are displayed at the War Memorial of Korea in Seoul

Commentary & Analysis

How the Rest of the World Approaches Gun Violence

Deep Dish on Global Affairs Podcast

Expert Phillip Alpers joins a special live edition of Deep Dish to discuss global solutions to the American epidemic of gun violence.

Person stands behind a blue screen with a firearm and maps
Global Politics

How China is Contesting US Influence in the Pacific

Deep Dish on Global Affairs Podcast

Why is China so eager to make deals with Pacific nations? China experts Patrick Cronin and Bonnie Glaser join Deep Dish to discuss.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Solomon Islands Foreign Minister Jeremiah Manele
Global Politics


Americans and Australians in the Pacific Century

Report by Craig Kafura

Public opinion polling in both countries finds agreement on most aspects of the alliance, but not necessarily on how to deal with China.

President Joe Biden shakes hands with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese
The White House
Public Opinion

On and Off the BRI Map: A Story of the Darwin Port, Australia

Working Paper by Julie Miao

The Port of Darwin shows the potential of China's Belt and Road Initiative as social infrastructure, but also the challenges in materializing its benefits.

Darwin Port
Julie Miao
Global Cities