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Past Events

YP In-Depth and Deep Dish Live on Global Mass Shootings

YP In-Depth

Watch the live recording of the Deep Dish Podcast episode on how nations across the world have responded to mass shootings.

A glass jar full of bullets.

Putin's Long Game in Ukraine


Former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt, Georgetown’s Angela Stent, the Council’s Ivo Daalder, and CNN's Bianna Golodryga analyzed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s intentions and potential plans after invading Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin speaking at a podium

Commentary & Analysis

With Peace Deal, Ethiopia and Tigray Rebels Acknowledge War's Toll

Global Insight by Chris Morris

A ceasefire between Ethiopian government forces and Tigrayan rebels brings optimism after years of fighting.

2 men sit at a desk while 3 others stand between them, with flags in the background
International Law and Human Rights

The World's Worst War You Aren’t Watching Is in Ethiopia

In the News
Chicago Tribune
Elizabeth Shackelford

"The US and others must take a more direct approach before the worst fears of the Tigrayan people are realized," Elizabeth Shackelford writes.

Residents and militias stand next to houses destroyed by an airstrike
Global Politics


Most Americans Willing to Work with Autocrats to Protect the US

Public Opinion Survey by Coauthors

The public is more concerned about national security than promoting human rights and democracy abroad, Council polling shows.

Participants arrive at the Future Investment Initiative (FII) conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Public Opinion

Americans and Human Rights in China

Public Opinion Survey by Craig Kafura

In new Council polling, Americans say China’s treatment of minority groups isn’t just a question of internal politics.

An ethnic Uighur couple waits as a truck loaded with Chinese paramilitary police goes by in China's Xinjiang Autonomous Region
Public Opinion