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YP In-Depth on Asylum

Members of the Council’s Young Professionals Network are invited to join Sarah Pierce of Migration Policy Institute to examine asylum in the US.
Demonstrators hold signs saying "Home is Here" outside the U.S. Supreme Court
Sarah Pierce
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About This Event

News reports of increased numbers of migrants to the US border amid an expanding global economy has propelled asylum, an ancient juridical concept, into the national consciousness. While political factions debate the process for addressing migration, concerns about humanitarian conditions for those seeking sanctuary across international borders have been elevated within the public square. A long, complex domestic immigration system has muddied understanding of migrant circumstances and legal rights, as well as sovereign nations’ responsibilities and prerogatives. Members of the Council’s Young Professionals Network are invited to analyze and discuss the protection and process of asylum for foreign nationals coming to the US and the implication of receiving asylum seekers for a nation's global standing and international reputation with Sarah Pierce of Migration Policy Institute.

About YP In-Depth

YP In-Depth is a programming series that aims to provide opportunities for members of the Council’s Young Professionals Network to engage substantively with critical global issues of the day. Each session is structured to allow attendees to examine a selected topic through conversations with an expert speaker and their peers, with the goals of generating informed perspectives and working toward solutions.

About the Speakers
Policy Analyst, Migration Policy Institute
Sarah Pierce is a policy analyst for the U.S. Immigration Policy Program at the Migration Policy Institute (MPI). Her research expertise includes U.S. legal immigration processes and actors, the employment-based immigration system, and unaccompanied child migrants.