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Instability Spreads to Russia's Southern Border

Deep Dish on Global Affairs Podcast

What is behind the recent wave of instability between states on Russia’s southern periphery? Joshua Kucera and Madeleine Reeves discuss.

Defense and Security

How the War in Ukraine Affects Rare Earth Mineral Supply

In the News
Eurasian Climate Brief
Robert Muggah

Robert Muggah joins the Eurasian Climate Brief to discuss the issues around the production and supply of rare earth minerals amid the Russia-Ukraine war.

A destroyed apartment building in Borodyanka, Ukraine.
Climate and the Environment

Is Turkey Coming to a Crossroads?

Running Numbers by Benjamin Tomas Morgan

Turks may be considering realigning eastward amid negative views on Western alliances.

Turkish flag flies in Istanbul
Meg Jerrard
Public Opinion

In Major Shift, Swedish Public Supports NATO Membership

Running Numbers by Coauthors

Polling shows the Swedish public is keenly aware of the threat posed by Russia and favors a strong policy response to the invasion of Ukraine.

Sweden and NATO flags
Defense and Security

Kazakhstan's Uncertain Future

Deep Dish on Global Affairs Podcast

As Putin's reach extends beyond Russia, civil society groups grapple with a crackdown at home and threats from abroad.

Defense and Security

Putin May Be Looking for 'Way out' of Ukraine Conflict, Ex-US Rep to NATO Says

In the News
Channel 4
Ivo H. Daalder

Council President Ivo Daalder joins Channel 4 to explain what he thinks the situation in Kazakhstan tells us about President Putin and his power in the post-Soviet region.

Ivo Daalder on Channel 4 news Global Politics

The International and Domestic Implications of Turkey's Tanking Lira

In the News
Global Dispatches
Sibel Oktay

Sibel Oktay joins the Global Dispatches podcast to explain the domestic and international implications of Turkey's currency crisis.

Currency protests in Istanbul
Global Economy

World Review: Iran Deal, Jordan Coup Attempt, Ukraine

Video Series
World Review with Ivo Daalder

Steve Erlanger, Bobby Ghosh, and Elise Labott join Ivo Daalder to discuss the week's top news stories.

Three men stand side by side US Foreign Policy

America's Not the Only Place Democracy is Under Siege

In the News
Deep State Radio
Ivo H. Daalder

Ivo Daalder, Kori Schake and David Sanger discuss the international challenges facing the Biden administration.

Global Politics

The Three Nuclear Threats Facing President-Elect Biden

In the News
Chicago Tribune
Ivo H. Daalder

Council President Ivo Daalder explains why President-Elect Biden faces 3 nuclear threats -- Russia, Iran, and North Korea-- in the Chicago Tribune.

Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin
Defense and Security