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Inclusion and Equity

Municipal Activism: How Cities Stand Up for LGBTQ+ Rights

Global Insight by Jenna Kaplan

Around the world, cities continue to protect the basic human rights of vulnerable populations in the face of fierce opposition from national governments.

Pride Parade
Robin Worrall
Global Cities

Does Public Space Really Belong to the Public?

Global Insight by Julia Lane

A collaboration with Chicago Public Art Group brings to life a Council report exploring the racist origins of Chicagoland's public beach policies.

Chicago Public Art Group piece
Julia Lane
Global Cities

Flavors and Culture: Food Systems through Indigenous Women's Eyes

Global Food for Thought by Myrna Cunningham

Productive practices of Indigenous women's groups have significant value in contributing to the conservation of biodiversity and the well-being of humanity, and therefore encourage exchange and dialogue.

A woman walks along a cliff with a sheep following behind her.
Monica Volpin
Food and Agriculture

A Thanksgiving Legacy: Fighting for Indigenous Food Sovereignty

Global Food for Thought by Jayden Lim

“Thanksgiving must be a day to recognize the Indigenous fight against colonization and its legacies as we seek to reclaim our foods,” writes Jayden Lim.

A field of wheat is pictured as the sun sets.
Felix Mittermeier
Food and Agriculture

Reconnecting to Indigenous Food Sovereignty Values and Practices

Global Food for Thought by Tahlia Natachu

The Zuni Indigenous community looks towards their past to address issues around agriculture, food access, health, and the environment in sustainable ways.

Three young girls kneel in a garden, holding vegetables and fruits as they smile into the camera.
Zuni Youth Enrichment Project
Food and Agriculture

Chicago’s First Citywide Plan in Half a Century Seeks to Address Structural Inequality

In the News
Natalie Moore

"The city of Chicago is releasing a new citywide plan to shape the future with an emphasis on equity," writes Longworth Media Fellow Natalie Moore.

train line labels on a staircase; unsplash Global Cities

The State of Abortion and Reproductive Rights Around the World

Deep Dish on Global Affairs Podcast

Experts Bela Ganatra and Katherine Mayall discuss how global trends have influenced reproductive rights in the United States.

Woman protesting for reproductive rights
Women and Girls

Guns vs. Butter: Gender Differences on National Budget

Running Numbers by Emily Sullivan

Chicago Council data support academic findings on differing national budget preferences between women and men.

Crowd of legislators separated by gender.
Public Opinion

Overturning Roe v. Wade Would Threaten Women's Progress

In the News
Chicago Tribune
Katelyn Jones

Limiting abortion access will “exacerbate longstanding racial and reproductive health inequities,” argues Katelyn Jones in the Chicago Tribune.

A sign reading "This body is not a political battlefield" is held before a capitol building and cloudy sky.
Lorie Shaull
Inclusion and Equity

Irina Konstantinovsky on Pay Equity

Video Series
Wait Just a Minute

Irina Konstantinovsky, executive vice president and chief human resources and diversity officer at Horizon Therapeutics, takes a minute to define pay equity.

Irina Konstantinovsky explains pay equity Inclusion and Equity