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A phone with an image of a person behind the words 'Winter Diaries'

Are you a young person living in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, or the United States? We want to listen to and amplify stories of your firsthand experiences coping with overlapping crises due to conflict, climate change, food insecurity, and economic instability this winter. Help us share and deepen the world’s understanding of your greatest needs, your moments of unexpected grace and humor, and your sparks of innovation.

Through visual, text, and audio storytelling, we will create connections and offer context and analysis to make sense of this shared experience, fostering transatlantic engagement and understanding.

How the Winter Diaries listening project works

  • Each month, we’ll pose questions to prompt stories we’d like you to explore and share to help the world understand your experiences.
  • We hope you’ll engage by posting on Instagram, tagging @globalaffairscouncil, and using #WinterDiaries.
  • We want to hear from you and will share and amplify your stories.

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