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In the News TIME Dina Smeltz
President Joe Biden speaks at a lecturn President Joe Biden speaks at a lecturn Public Opinion
Erin Scott
"Support for restraint is found in the goals Americans prioritize for the US response to the war," Mark Hannah and Dina Smeltz write.

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Podcast Deep Dish on Global Affairs Podcast
Defense and Security
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Carnegie nuclear policy senior fellow Ankit Panda discusses recent nuclear saber-rattling by Russia and North Korea and whether the risk of nuclear conflict is growing.

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In the News CBC Mitchel B. Wallerstein
Mitchel Wallerstein speaks with CBC. Mitchel Wallerstein speaks with CBC. Global Politics
"The first priority is to signal Mr. Putin that NATO remains united," says Mitchel Wallerstein ahead of this week's NATO meetings in Belgium.

Winter Diaries

Are you a young person being affected by the war in Ukraine? We want to hear from you. Help us amplify stories of your firsthand experiences with conflict, climate change, food insecurity, or economic instability this winter.
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