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Stephen Brick

Nonresident Senior Fellow, Climate and Energy

Issue Expertise
Council expert Stephen Brick

About Stephen Brick

Stephen Brick is a nonresident senior fellow on climate and energy for the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Brick joined the Council in September 2009. He brings to the Council broad experience, having worked for 30 years at the intersection of energy and environmental policy. His expertise includes utility regulatory policy, energy economics, energy technology assessment and air pollution control policy, and economics.

For four years Brick was manager of the environment program for the Joyce Foundation in Chicago. He directed a $6 million per year grant portfolio focused on energy and water issues in the Great Lakes region.

As a senior fellow with the Council, Brick is working to continue outreach related to the Council's task force report on national energy policy and Midwestern economic competitiveness. He served as a member of the task force. Additionally, he helps position the Council to play a long-term role in fostering greater Midwestern regional cooperation on energy and climate policy.

Brick authored "Climate and Energy – The Midwestern Stake," a Global Midwest Policy Brief published by the Council as part of its Global Midwest Initiative. The brief outlines the Midwest's vital role in the national energy and climate debate.

Prior to his work at the Joyce Foundation, Brick worked as associate director of research for the Energy Center of Wisconsin, where he was responsible for a wide range of studies on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and on the environmental impacts of energy systems. His previous positions include director of environmental affairs for PGE National Energy Group, science and policy director for the Clean Air Task Force, and co-founder and vice president of the energy consulting firm MSB Energy Associates.

Brick received his BA and MS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he studied at the Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.