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Chris Shadek

CEO, Founder Vega Connected LLC

Chris Shadek headshot

Chris Shadek's passion is finding innovative solutions to complex problems to make a difference in people's lives. He currently runs a software startup where he is in the process of launching a new app focused on making it easier for people to be social together in-person. He has extensive experience in software development, both server and client side, and is familiar with many state-of-the-art technologies and programming languages. Shadek also has experience in management consulting and data analytics, where he has helped companies understand their data and become more effective. He's traveled extensively to many countries across several continents including India, Israel, Brazil, Italy, and Thailand. He also lived in Tokyo, Japan as a child and attended a Japanese preschool. Shadek received a dual degree from Bucknell University: a BS in computer science and engineering and a bachelor of management.