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The Chicago Council on Global Affairs and The Pattis Family Foundation are pleased to announce the inaugural Pattis Family Foundation Global Cities Book Award, which celebrates the role cities play in addressing critical global challenges.

“As the world continues to rapidly urbanize, it’s crucial that policymakers consider cities as central actors that shape world affairs,” said Ivo Daalder, President of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. “With this new award, we aim to bring cities, our centers of innovation, culture, and commerce, to the forefront of discussions on international policymaking.”

The first award will be presented in June 2023 with a prize of $25,000. The winning book will deepen our understanding of issues affecting urban areas, carry substantial policy implications, and aim to improve our collective knowledge of actors, communities, and institutions that significantly shape global cities.

“Elevating exemplary books about urban policies in a global context spotlights key insights pertaining to the complex challenges facing the world today,” said Mark R. Pattis.  Lisa Pattis added, “For our second in a series of book awards, The Pattis Family Foundation is delighted to partner with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and its Center on Global Cities. We believe the Council is uniquely positioned to expand our awareness of the incredible influence that cities bring to the world stage.”

Books must be an original work of nonfiction, explore the dynamics and influence of global cities, and be accessible in terms of its content for the educated reader, as well as applicable to policymakers and academics.

The Council will be accepting submissions until December 31, 2022. Learn more about the award.

About the Chicago Council on Global Affairs

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About the Center on Global Cities

We believe global cities – often on the front lines of the world’s greatest challenges – increasingly drive the most innovative solutions and shape our world. Through programming and research, we examine the policies needed to be successful, identify global best practices, connect leaders, and provide concrete recommendations to decision-makers. Learn more at

About The Pattis Family Foundation

With a history originating from book and magazine publishing, The Pattis Family Foundation of Highland Park, Illinois actively supports programs that elevate the value of the written word and intellectual inquiry. In addition, The Pattis Family Foundation supports various health, educational, and cultural initiatives as well as programs that help bridge the opportunity gap for talented students with limited financial resources.