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Zachary Brown

Supervisory Financial Analyst, U.S. Department of the Treasury

Headshot of Zachary Brown

Zachary Brown previously served as a principal at Milliman, where he led a team of analysts to implement risk management overlay strategies for banks, asset managers, insurance companies, and pension plans. In this role, he was a named portfolio manager on over a dozen mutual funds with over $20 billion in assets, and works frequently with global insurance companies to offer products and services worldwide. He frequently presented at major financial conferences in cities around the world, including London, Beijing, Berlin, and New York. In 2017, he received the International Insurance Society’s Leader of Tomorrow award for the best original paper on the insurance industry. He is a board member of the Economic Awareness Council and the ACLU of Illinois’s Next Generation Society. In collaboration with the Economic Awareness Council, he teaches financial literacy sessions at local schools, presents at the annual Young Chicago Saves Conference, and hosts student groups at Milliman’s offices. Brown earned a BA in economics and history from Northwestern University and is currently pursuing an MA in liberal arts at the University of Chicago.