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Tim Jones

Millennial Pastor, Willow Chicago

Headshot of Tim Jones

Tim Jones is an 11-year veteran of organizational leadership, community outreach, and project management. He has spent the last seven years leading nonprofit enterprises. Jones’ tenure at Willow Chicago has consisted of roles in project management, program management, budget process, volunteer/database management, and fundraising. Tim currently serves as the millennial pastor at Willow Chicago, a multicultural church in downtown Chicago. As the millennial pastor, he is responsible for leading and empowering over 200 junior high, high school, college, and young adults. Before serving as the millennial pastor, he served as the operations director where he was responsible for managing a $2.4-million-dollar budget and creating and maintaining the operational processes and relationships that drive Willow Chicago. In addition to his work as a millennial pastor, Jones is a thought leader for cultural impact in the areas of social justice, politics, leadership, and culture in the city of Chicago. Jones received a BS in human resource management from Northern Illinois University and is currently a candidate for an executive master's of business administration at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. In 2014, Jones was selected to the inaugural class of the Chicago Urban League IMPACT Leadership Development Program. He has provided leadership in Haiti, working with local pastors and parishioners to rebuild after the 2010 earthquake. Jones continually advocates for the rebuilding of Haiti through financial giving and supporting people who serve the country. He has also served in the United Kingdom, teaching and developing small churches to help them expand and grow their ministry. Jones also partners regularly with organizations like Compassion International and Charity Water.