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Nina Wieda

Lecturer, Northwestern University

Headshot for Nina Wieda

Nina Wieda teaches at Northwestern University in the Chicago Field Studies program, which helps undergraduates from across the university explore career options in fields ranging from social justice to business. Since 2016, Wieda has taught Business Field Studies, a class that introduces aspiring investment bankers, financial consultants, and private equity specialists to current topics at the intersection of business and society. She also teaches seminars on international politics and social issues to adult learners at Newberry Library.

Wieda was previously an assistant professor at Middlebury College, where she co-organized two conferences and traveled to Russia to evaluate Middlebury Abroad teaching sites as a part of the advisory board. She wrote her dissertation on the construction of Russian national identity and received her PhD from Northwestern University. Prior to that, Wieda received her master’s degree in nationalism studies from Central European University in Budapest, receiving honors for her thesis on the privatization of violence in the Northern Caucasus.