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Christopher Swann

Senior Program Manager, Feeding America

Christopher Swann headshot

With a decade of experience in the nonprofit sector, Christopher Swann's impactful journey at Feeding America began as an intern and ascended to the role of Senior Program Manager. His pivotal work with the MealConnect platform has not only garnered millions in funding but has also been instrumental in rescuing billions of pounds of food for those facing hunger. His foresight and commitment to inclusivity shone through when he founded the Black Employees of Feeding America (BEFA), the organization's first racial resource group, which has notably increased Black representation in management and propelled other diversity initiatives. His tenure on the executive team was marked by his influence on the development of a progressive work-from-home policy and the refinement of the organization’s brand voice strategy. Before his profound impact at Feeding America, Swann refined his business acumen in the retail apparel industry and manifested his entrepreneurial drive by co-founding True Taste Snacks.  

Deeply embedded in Chicago's Southside, particularly in the Roseland Community, he is more than a resident; he is a driver of change. His active participation in his local church, block club, and pantry is a testament to his dedication to empowering the communities he serves. Swann's academic background from DePaul University has been the undercurrent of his professional path and community advocacy, providing a solid foundation that informs his strategic and empathetic approach to leadership.