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Appreccia Faulkner

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Global Strategists Association

Headshot for Appreccia Faulkner

Appreccia D. Faulkner is the founder and CEO of Global Strategists Association, an international nonprofit striving to increase global engagement among the African Diaspora. The organization promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in global affairs. She has hosted and curated several thought-provoking events designed to platform emerging and established women and leaders of color on today's most foreign and domestic issues. Global Strategists Association has partnered with the University of Chicago, Truman National Security, and the US Department of State.

Faulkner was selected as an ambassador with the Institute for Economics and Peace in 2019 and she was one of seven co-chairs for the United State of Women Galvanize Chicago conference in 2017. She served as deputy campaign manager for Ted Williams III’s aldermanic campaign. While traveling the country to speak on disruptive leadership, gender equity, and the importance of diverse voices in global affairs, she's also a regular contributor on WJOU’s radio program, The Millennials, where she discusses the importance of civic engagement.

Faulkner is a native Chicagoan who graduated from Kennedy-King College with an associate’s degree and studied political science and international affairs at George Washington University and Chicago State University.