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Alex Kruzel

CEO, Telesto Strategy

Headshot of Alex Kruzel

With a focus on international markets since the beginning of her management consulting career, Alex Kruzel has been assisting companies and public sector organizations to develop and execute their growth strategies for almost 15 years. She specializes in helping her clients identify and prioritize opportunities for growth and then implement strategic initiatives by translating them into tactical, measurable, and self-sustaining programs. Kruzel currently serves as CEO of Telesto Strategy and previously served as President & Partner at Market Strategy Group.

Prior to beginning her career in consulting, Kruzel served as Peace Corps Volunteer in Mozambique, where she supported educational and small-business programs. Kruzel is passionate about facilitating global exchanges, learning foreign languages, and traveling off the beaten path. In following this passion, Kruzel has gained consulting experience in countries such as South Africa, Liberia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, and many others. Kruzel contributes locally with iMentor and the Arts and Business Council of Chicago. Kruzel received a MA in international economics from the University of Chicago and BAs in Spanish, English, and economics from Vanderbilt University.