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Catherine Bertini

Women's Success Is the World's Success

Impact Stories by Catherine Bertini

Council Distinguished Fellow and Former Executive Director of the World Food Program Catherine Bertini reflects on why elevating women and girls worldwide matters.

A group of girls sit at their desks at a school in Kenya.
Women and Girls

Fighting Hunger: Then and Now with Catherine Bertini

In the News
Kofi Annan Foundation
Catherine Bertini

Distinguished Fellow Catherine Bertini discusses how she worked with Kofi Annan to fight hunger and malnutrition around the world in episode four of Kofi Time.

Fighting Hunger: Then and Now with Catherine Bertini on Kofi Time
Kofi Annan Foundation
Food and Agriculture

Integration of Agriculture, Nutrition, and Climate for Food Systems

In the News

“Agriculture was largely sidelined at COP26, despite food systems’ impact on and risk from climate change,” write Catherine Bertini, Ertharin Cousin, and Dan Glickman.

Climate protesters in Germany highlight food waste.
Climate and the Environment

Making Change Happen Within the United Nations

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American Diplomacy
Catherine Bertini

Catherine Bertini discusses President Biden's plans to reshape the role of the US in the United Nations.

United Nations Flags
Global Politics

Council Congratulates the World Food Programme for Nobel Prize

Video Series
Featured Video

The World Food Programme received the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize for combating hunger and contributing to peace in conflict-affected areas.

Children in Sierra Leone
Annie Spratt
Food and Agriculture

Does the United Nations Do Anything Useful?

Deep Dish on Global Affairs Podcast

Catherine Bertini and Thomas G. Weiss join Deep Dish to discuss the future of the United Nations and why the United States should lead its renewal.

Flags outside the United Nations
Mat Reding
Global Politics

Former And Current Women Heads Of State Sign Open Letter Pushing For Women's Rights

In the News
Catherine Bertini

In late February, a group of global women leaders signed an open letter, calling for government and private sector leaders to take legal and social action to promote gender inclusion and female empowerment.

A woman attends a rally to mark International Women's Day in Madrid, Friday, March 8, 2019. Women and Girls