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Sascha Haselmayer

How to Change the World: Why Quick Fixes Fail and What to Do

Deep Dish on Global Affairs Podcast

Ever wondered why quick fixes often lead to dead ends? On Deep Dish, we dive into 'The Slow Lane' with social change expert Sascha Haselmayer.

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Global Cities

How Cities Can Go Slow to Achieve Real Change

Global Insight by Coauthors

Nonresident Fellow Sascha Haselmayer discusses his new book, which synthesizes the lessons he learned from his work with cities, governments, and NGOs.

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Nicolas J. Leclercq via Unsplash
Global Cities

The Vast, Untapped Potential of City Procurement

In the News
Smart Cities Dive
Sascha Haselmayer

Sascha Haselmayer argues for local governments to engage with their residents more on public procurement, the process by which cities buy goods and services.

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