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Natalie Burdsall

Starving for Aid: The Unseen War in Tigray

Global Food for Thought by Coauthors

The Ethiopian government is using starvation as a weapon of war against Tigray, inducing a massive famine that requires immediate action from the international community.

An Ethiopian man examines his wheat crop near Korem in a northern Tigray province.
REUTERS/Radu Sigheti
Food and Agriculture

Will CRISPR Crops Avoid the GMO Curse?

Global Food for Thought by Coauthors

If CRISPR crops can avoid being regulated like GMOs, they can create significant opportunities for low- and middle-income countries, and help combat hunger and poverty.

Four scientists examine plants in a lab. Food and Agriculture

Incorporating Dietary Needs and Cultural Requirements into Food Assistance Programs

Global Food for Thought by Natalie Burdsall

Fundamental issues in food assistance programs exclude the disability community and people requiring culturally relevant foods.

A group of people prepares food for a food assistance program. Food and Agriculture