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We’re excited to share with you ChicagoGlobal, a new newsletter from Crain’s Chicago Business and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Each Sunday evening, we'll bring you fascinating coverage of our city's role in the wider world — and the ways global connections shape our lives here at home. See all of the Council's newsletters.

Here's what you can expect to read each Sunday:

  • Shaping Global Chicago will feature two stories that provide analysis on the intersection of business, Chicago, and the world.
  • Midwest Briefing will list three stories from other news sources that connect Chicago or the Midwest to the world.
  • Global Chicagoan: 3 for 3 will be a mini Q&A that highlights one Chicago-based professional active in the business world or global community.
  • Your City, Your Take will ask readers a Global Chicago-related question and solicit responses to be featured in the following week's edition.
  • City Explorer will feature relevant and intellectually stimulating globally-themed events taking place locally.
  • Global Connections will spotlight one country and five interesting connections to Chicago.
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Check out recent editions

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs publishes ChicagoGlobal every Sunday evening. The newsletter includes stories, interviews, and local events.

February issues

  • February 4: Is Chicago Sinking? + UChicago's Doomsday Clock + Türkiye Connections
  • February 11: Chicago's Challenges and Advantages + The State of the CTA + Czech Connections
  • February 18: Chicago's Air Quality + Chicago Shakespeare Theater + Connections to Indonesia

January issues

  • January 7: Chicago's Pedestrian Malls + Hispanic Business Owners on Migrant Influx + Polish Connections
  • January 14: 'Golden Visa' Backlog + Congested Pricing in Chicago + Canada Connections
  • January 21: Chicago's Ties to Tattooing + Chicago Auto Show + Connections to Argentina
  • January 28: Alinea's Global Success + Love for Chicago's Commuter Trains + Morocco Connections

December issues

  • December 3: Chicago attorneys help migrants + international holiday decorations + connections to Australia
  • December 10: Translating Chicago's Business Culture + Exporting Comedy + Connections to Jamaica
  • December 17: Chicago's Kyrgyz Community + A Mass Migration to the Great Lakes + French Connections

November issues

  • November 5: Why a French Company Picked Chicago + Host City Challenges for Large Events + India Connections
  • November 12: Integrating Migrant Families + Crisis Playbook for Businesses + Connections to China
  • November 19: Chicago's compost initiative + Midwest 'Best Value' ranking + Connections to Brazil

October issues

  • October 1: Chicago's sustainable architecture scene + reshoring + connections to the Philippines
  • October 8: Chicago Marathon's Impact + Columbus, Indiana Architecture + Connections to Mexico
  • October 22: International Horror Films + China's Economy + Connections to Afghanistan
  • October 29: Chicago Businesses Help Migrants + Kevin Pang's Favorite Chinese Restaurants + Croatian Connections

September issues

  • September 17: Welcome to ChicagoGlobal + A 'Stinky Ditch' + Chicago's Gastro-tourism Scene + Japan Connections
  • September 24: Chicago's Hospitality Biz + the City's Unicorns + Connections to Germany

Latest | ChicagoGlobal

Why Chicago Shakespeare Theater is a must-see stop for lovers of the Bard worldwide

ChicagoGlobal by H. Lee Murphy

There is an elite group of people around the world willing to travel anywhere to see Shakespeare well done.

Exterior view of the Chicago Shakespeare Theater
Chicago Shakespeare Theater
Global Economy

From pollution to solutions: How global cities are tackling poor air quality

ChicagoGlobal by Renata Sago

As Chicago and other global cities increasingly grapple with poor air quality, solutions to the problem vary by location.

Woman bicycling against the Chicago skyline blanketed in haze from Canadian wildfires
AP Photos
Global Cities

Exiting World Biz Chicago CEO weighs in on Chicago's challenges — and its advantages

ChicagoGlobal by H. Lee Murphy

"The future of mankind will be dominated by 20 to 25 super-regions, with Chicago prominent among them," says Michael Fassnacht, who exits the economic development agency this month.

Michael Fassnacht
Global Cities

Chicago transit confronts a fiscal cliff, but it isn't Caracas

ChicagoGlobal by AJ Caughey

Chicago's transit system may need to make cuts and raise fares after COVID relief funds phase out, but riders won't likely see a systemic collapse like Venezuelan commuters experienced in the 2010s.

CTA Green Line train travels west from Chicago
AP Photos
Global Cities

Underground climate change is slowly sinking Chicago and cities across the globe

ChicagoGlobal by Nicole L. Cvetnic

We know Venice is sinking. What about Chicago, which accounts for about 234 square miles of land?

An aerial view of Chicago
AP Photos
Global Cities

Hollywood's 'Oppenheimer' moment puts a sobering UChicago tradition into focus

ChicagoGlobal by H. Lee Murphy

The day the film earned 13 Academy Award nominations was also the day the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists' Doomsday Clock was set to reflect that the world is now closer to apocalypse than it has been at any time before.

A person with a clock and the words "it is 90 seconds to midnight"
AP Photos
Defense and Security

The big business of small trains: Why Chicago models are so popular internationally

ChicagoGlobal by AJ Caughey

Chicago’s transit system has international fans, and your commuter train might be an international influencer.

A Chicago Transit Authority train passes overhead near W Roscoe and Clark Streets
AP Photos
Global Cities

How Alinea wound up on so many global travelers' bucket lists

ChicagoGlobal by H. Lee Murphy

In the elite realm of haute cuisine where Alinea resides, the influence, name recognition, and drawing power of the restaurant extends well beyond Chicago to the dining capitals of the world.

Inside Alinea restaurant
Courtesy of Alinea
Global Economy

As the Chicago Auto Show ramps up, its longtime point man looks back

ChicagoGlobal by H. Lee Murphy

Dave Sloan retires after this year's McCormick Place confab. In an exclusive chat, he reflects on how this car biz showpiece has changed — and how it's kept Chicago on the industry's global map.

The entrance of the Chicago Auto Show with a large globe hanging over the crowd.
Crain's Chicago Business
Global Economy

Living passports: How tattoos ink Chicago's cultural connections

ChicagoGlobal by AJ Caughey

For more than a century, tattoo artists have connected Chicagoans with other countries and cultures — a tradition that lives on, even as the industry changes.

1930s Browsheets with flash tattoo designs at Great Lakes Tattoo
AJ Caughey
Global Cities