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We’re excited to share with you ChicagoGlobal, a new newsletter from Crain’s Chicago Business and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Each Sunday evening, we'll bring you fascinating coverage of our city's role in the wider world — and the ways global connections shape our lives here at home. See all of the Council's newsletters.

Here's what you can expect to read each Sunday:

  • Shaping Global Chicago will feature two stories that provide analysis on the intersection of business, Chicago, and the world.
  • Midwest Briefing will list three stories from other news sources that connect Chicago or the Midwest to the world.
  • Global Chicagoan: 3 for 3 will be a mini Q&A that highlights one Chicago-based professional active in the business world or global community.
  • Your City, Your Take will ask readers a Global Chicago-related question and solicit responses to be featured in the following week's edition.
  • City Explorer will feature relevant and intellectually stimulating globally-themed events taking place locally.
  • Global Connections will spotlight one country and five interesting connections to Chicago.
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Check out recent editions

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs publishes ChicagoGlobal every Sunday evening. The newsletter includes stories, interviews, and local events.

May issues

  • May 5: Midwest Investment Outlook + Global Street racing + UK Pub Dining
  • May 12: Gamifying Chicago's sewers + Cicadas for Dinner + Ethiopian Connections
  • May 19: Food’s future + Illinois Soy + Sweden connections

April issues

  • April 7: Chicago Tea Party + World-Class Stadium + Switzerland Connections
  • April 14: Farmland Foreign Investment + McDonald's 🍟 Test + Greece Connections
  • April 21: Global M&A outlook + Outdoor dining beyond Clark Street + Vietnam Connections
  • April 28: Courting Entrepreneurs + Expanding Health Care + Ukraine Connections

March issues

  • March 3: Chicago Chef, Global Mission + Recipes With a History + Cuba Connections
  • March 10: When Digital Nomads Come to (Chi)town + Connections to Ireland
  • March 17: International Flavor Incubator + Business Magnet + Cambodia Connections
  • March 24: Retail Vacancies Global Lessons + Little Italy's Ticking Clock + Costa Rica Connections
  • March 31: Courting international tourists + Nazi-looted art + South Africa connections

February issues

  • February 4: Is Chicago Sinking? + UChicago's Doomsday Clock + Türkiye Connections
  • February 11: Chicago's Challenges and Advantages + The State of the CTA + Czech Connections
  • February 18: Chicago's Air Quality + Chicago Shakespeare Theater + Connections to Indonesia
  • February 25: AIT Worldwide Logistics' Global Ties + City Hall's Foreign Affairs Resolutions + Egyptian Connections

January issues

  • January 7: Chicago's Pedestrian Malls + Hispanic Business Owners on Migrant Influx + Polish Connections
  • January 14: 'Golden Visa' Backlog + Congested Pricing in Chicago + Canada Connections
  • January 21: Chicago's Ties to Tattooing + Chicago Auto Show + Connections to Argentina
  • January 28: Alinea's Global Success + Love for Chicago's Commuter Trains + Morocco Connections

December issues

  • December 3: Chicago attorneys help migrants + international holiday decorations + connections to Australia
  • December 10: Translating Chicago's Business Culture + Exporting Comedy + Connections to Jamaica
  • December 17: Chicago's Kyrgyz Community + A Mass Migration to the Great Lakes + French Connections

November issues

  • November 5: Why a French Company Picked Chicago + Host City Challenges for Large Events + India Connections
  • November 12: Integrating Migrant Families + Crisis Playbook for Businesses + Connections to China
  • November 19: Chicago's compost initiative + Midwest 'Best Value' ranking + Connections to Brazil

October issues

  • October 1: Chicago's sustainable architecture scene + reshoring + connections to the Philippines
  • October 8: Chicago Marathon's Impact + Columbus, Indiana Architecture + Connections to Mexico
  • October 22: International Horror Films + China's Economy + Connections to Afghanistan
  • October 29: Chicago Businesses Help Migrants + Kevin Pang's Favorite Chinese Restaurants + Croatian Connections

September issues

  • September 17: Welcome to ChicagoGlobal + A 'Stinky Ditch' + Chicago's Gastro-tourism Scene + Japan Connections
  • September 24: Chicago's Hospitality Biz + the City's Unicorns + Connections to Germany

Latest | ChicagoGlobal

From stockyards to plant protein, Chicago is a leader in global food innovation

ChicagoGlobal by AJ Caughey

Chicago already has one of the nation’s largest food manufacturing workforces. The city is positioning itself to become the global leader in food innovation and manufacturing.

A person wearing latex gloves handles small sprouts in pots
Anatoliy Gleb
Food and Agriculture

Here's a global biz that Illinois still dominates

ChicagoGlobal by H. Lee Murphy

"Illinois is the epicenter of soybean production," declares one industry expert. It's an advantage that benefits the entire state, not just farmers. It's also turning some farmers into international ambassadors.

Farming machinery harvesting soy beans
Joshua A. Bickel / AP
Food and Agriculture

Carol Moseley Braun's latest mission: Shining a spotlight on Africa

ChicagoGlobal by H. Lee Murphy

Late last month the former senator was quietly sworn in as the new chairman of the United States African Development Foundation, an aid organization now marking its 40th anniversary in Washington, D.C.

Image of Carol Moseley Braun
AP Photos
Global Politics

Why a German publisher made a board game about Chicago's sewers

ChicagoGlobal by AJ Caughey

Raising Chicago introduces players to an underexplored part of Chicago's early history. The game's transatlantic journey reflects global shifts in the booming board gaming market.

Lithograph of raising of a block of brick buildings on Lake Street, Chicago
Edward Mendel

Why the U.S. economy is outperforming much of the rest of the world

ChicagoGlobal by H. Lee Murphy

Our economy grew a robust 3.1% last year and new job creation continues to surpass all expectations. One economist sits down with Crain's to talk about the trendlines for the nation — and for the Midwest.

A person looks at a large screen of the Japanese stock market
Eugene Hoshiko / AP
Global Economy

Monaco on Lake Michigan? How NASCAR's second annual street race hopes to boost Chicago's economy

ChicagoGlobal by Jack Benjamin

Vying for international expansion, NASCAR's Grant Park race—akin to iconic global events like Monaco GP—bolsters Chicago's economy with a $109M impact.

In-motion image of racecars with the Chicago skyline in the background
Morry Gash / AP
Global Cities

Advocates espouse compounding benefit of immigrant health coverage

ChicagoGlobal by Jon Asplund

The Healthy Illinois Campaign unveiled a new data review by UIC that lays out the benefits that ripple out from providing health insurance to the uninsured.

Two people hold hands, one wearing an orange hospital bracelet.
Jon Tyson
Global Health

How a trade delegation for female Irish entrepreneurs persuaded them to expand to Chicago

ChicagoGlobal by AJ Caughey

Several large, Chicago-based firms, including Aon and Illinois Tool Works, have expanded into or relocated to Ireland since 2021—but that’s only half the story.

Aer Lingus Airbus A320 plane lands at Dublin airport.
Peter Morrison / AP
Global Economy

Many global cities are expanding outdoor dining, so what makes Chicago's Clark Street an exception?

ChicagoGlobal by Jack Benjamin

Due to unresolved civic tensions, Chicago's Clark Street faces a potential shutdown despite expansions of outdoor dining programs in other global cities.

People sit on the terrace of a cafe in Paris
Thibault Camus / AP
Global Cities

A dealmaker scopes out the forecast for cross-border M&A action

ChicagoGlobal by H. Lee Murphy

Adviser Brenda Jacobsen is holding her breath and suggesting an uptick in activity late last year and the first quarter this year heralds a comeback in 2024 transaction volume overall.

A collection of different currency notes from around the world.
Jason Leung
Global Economy