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Our Commitment

We are committed to weaving diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the fabric of the Council, and we believe people — their identities, experiences, beliefs, knowledge, and ideas — are critical to our success and to global affairs. We will elevate diverse voices and identities and a full range of perspectives, advance equitable and inclusive access to exploring and shaping ideas, and ensure our organization reflects the diversity of Chicago, our nation, and the world. 

We welcome and value all our varied identities, experiences, and differences and believe we will be a stronger organization for it. We are committed to tracking and reporting our progress transparently and reinforcing our accountability toward our DEI goals.

We need to address inequities, embrace diversity, and be inclusive in all that we do so that we can unlock the true potential of shaping our future together. I am fully committed to making sure that we weave these commitments into the very fabric of the Council. While we are only at the beginning of our efforts and have a long way to go, our commitment to the journey is real and resolute.

Headshot for Ivo Daalder Ivo Daalder CEO, Chicago Council on Global Affairs

How We Define DEI

Diversity encompasses all the varied visible and invisible identities, beliefs, and experiences that make people who they are and enrich our world.

Equity ensures access to fair and equitable opportunities for all, including by the deliberate removal of barriers and inequities to such access.

Inclusion is acknowledging, representing, welcoming, respecting, and valuing the uniqueness of each member of our community and mobilizing those qualities to advance our shared mission and goals. 

What We're Doing 

In support of our commitment to weave DEI throughout the Council, we have established four staff-led DEI committees that are developing goals, action plans, and accountability measures in the following areas: 

Talent—Create an environment and associated institutional processes to identify, recruit, retain, and develop diverse talent.

Culture—Create an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and heard.

Platforms and Outreach—Diversify our content, platforms, and audiences by elevating diverse voices and identities and devoting space to critical DEI content.

Procurement—Diversify our suppliers to engage in more innovative solutions, broaden our economic impact, and enrich the communities where our audience and employees live and work.   

Transparency & Accountability 

All committees are currently in various stages of collecting data to establish baselines that will be used to commit to DEI priorities in each area. We will share specific goals and a progress report in 2023. 

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